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Last night was crazy. Got near 100 people out of an evac neighborhood.

Today was a little more crazy since more and more boats are getting into town. It's amazing to see and a great thing. We were just late to areas and they already had more boats than they needed. The national guard and all responder personnel paired with a bunch of air boats make quick work of neighborhoods which was great to see.

If you guys come Dan already said, know your boats limitations. There are crazy street currents and as they drain off reservoirs, the water can come out of nowhere. The human in all of us wants to load that boat with 15 people, but please take a second and think of the additional danger you're placing on those people's lives. If you turn a boat over and everyone isnt wearing pfds, that's a very dangerous situation in this water - especially with any children and elderly.

There are a ton of rescue calls, just be sure you ask around and make sure your boat can handle the water. Multiple civilian rescue centers (pretty much all firestations) will know where you can help out with what equipment you have.

Keep it up fellas. Those not here keep the prayers coming.

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