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Originally Posted by Rescue1 View Post
On the Google map pic, that blue for where you were is basically at my work. I know barker is flooded, how was park row?

Thanks for getting out there and trying

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Don't know about that area. But what I can say is to STAY OUT OF ANY SWIFT WATER! Went to I-10 and uvalde today and we dropped in literally on the freeway. Worked through a bad flooded neighborhood and fortunately didn't find anyone as they had cleared out. Mover further down and came around a corner and was in the middle of swift current with some rolling eddies. Another boat was trapped in trees with 2 guys in it. We tried to work to the area and got sucked sideways in an eddy.

Long story short. Boat needed up sideways in a tree and we ended up in trees as well. Both of us got pulled out as did the guys in the other boat.

DO NOT GO INTO FAST FLOWING WATER. Regardless of the situation.... it could have ended very very bad for us.

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