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We've added another exciting event to our 4H 3D tournament...

Ibex Long Shot

90 yards (measured) slightly uphill.

Delta Ibex. Scoring ring will be the center 12 ring, it will be highlighted with a bright, contrasting color.

Each shooter will pay three dollars to shoot. Each shooter will shoot three arrows at the target. As many arrows hit the target will be the number of shots that archer will have in the final heat.
First Heat: Three arrows.
Second Heat: Number of shots is based on how many arrows hit the target in the First Heat.

First Heat: No scoring, this heat is to determine what number of arrows the archer will shoot in the Second Heat. Any arrow on the target counts regardless of where it hits the target; the arrow must stick in the target, glancing shots will not be counted.
Second Heat: Each archer will shoot the number of arrows they qualified for from the First Heat. Scoring will be based on which archer comes closest to the center of the middle 12 ring on the Ibex target.
Shoot Off: If needed, a shoot off will take place between the archers who had arrows an equal distance from the center of the center 12 ring. This will be a one arrow, sudden death match. Each archer will get one arrow to shoot and then the shot will be judged until there is a clear winner.

Price and Pay Out:
Each archer will pay three dollars ($3.00) to shoot the Ibex Long Shot; the winner will be paid 50% of the total pay in amount (to be determined by the amount of participants).

Equipment and Inspection:
Prior to the start of the Ibex Long Shot archers will be allowed to inspect the target, pace off the distance etc. Archers will not be allowed to change the orientation of the target or add additional markers to the target.

Rangefinders and Binoculars will be permitted for the Ibex Long Shot competition.

Equipment class will be “unlimited” archers may shoot with any bow or accessories; crossbows will not be allowed.
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