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Originally Posted by Quackedup View Post
A true stabilizer is perimeter weighted, ie, the weight is mainly on the outside of the stabilizer, away from the riser. This set up actually will slow pin movement and make it a little less pronounced. most of the "stabilizers" out today are not perimeter weighted and are more for reducing noise and vibration instead of actual stabilization. Most are designed around looks rather than a true stabilizing benefit. Having said all of that, I had a 6" stabilizer on my ChillR year before last and skipped it on my HTR this year. For hunting at short yardage, I don't think the added weight makes up for the little stabilization you get. On my Tournament rigs, I run 26"-30" front rods and a 12" sidebar with about a pound and a half total end weight. This really slows down pin movement and makes it easier to make aiming corrections due to the mass weight of the bow.
While true for the most part, my hunting stab is 11" carbon rod with 8oz stainless weights on the end and for the fun of it I pulled it off and shot without it and my pin movement actually slowed without compared to with it. Maybe some bows just balance better than others? I had never tried it but it was very noticeable at 50+yds
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