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Originally Posted by TheHammer View Post
How can they reach the spinner on a 14X14 of 1X1 mesh wire with 10” arms? Guess I need to go 16” or even 18.”

Edit. Clearly I didn’t think about the width of the spinner being in the middle.

So what size do y’all think?

Lets do some quick math..

If a cage is 14" wide its only 7" to the dead center of it......not 14". 10" arms easily surpass that even without taking the width of the spinner into account. Those spinners with the flaps are 6" so that's 3" of extra they can reach as well. With a 14" cage and a 6" spinner that is 7" to the center and deduct 3" for half the spinner so the coon would only have to reach in 4" to touch the spinner.

My minimum for a cage would be 23"....just like the one you bought from me on the BigHorn that is round..

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