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Originally Posted by RJH1 View Post
20,30, and 40. Move the others down and out of the way. People tend to way over think this and try all kinds of weird settings, but the secret is 20, 30, 40 and learn your drops. Once you shoot it a bit it will be second nature. I just moved from pins for 3d and am still trying to get the single pin working as well for me as multiple pins. I know the single will eventually be better, but there is a learning curve. But any way, the guy who won state and the asa classic in hunter class last year had his sight set 20,30,40
For the guy who won the hunter class at state and Classic congrats.
That is also a known distance class so it can be easier to learn your drop when you know the distance. But when you don't know the distance I've learned my setup with pins in shorter yard increments seems to work better for me when gunning for 12's in unknown class like Hunter Elite that I shot last year due to easier pin placement in relation to 12 rings location. I've done the 20,30,40 setup and the 20,27,34,40 setup for years. The 2nd setup works better for me. Also I shoot the .010 pins which helps eliminate cluttered sight pic.
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