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G5/Prime makes a helluva bow, but you need to shoot one to know for sure if ti will fit you or not.

I have shot most of the Black series and I will say this:

Very dead in the hand, just the slightest vibe after the shot, easily taken care of with a good stabilizer with some energy dissipating fittings (I use Doinker and they work great).

Draw and rollover is very similar to my Logic, just a little bit less of a dump into the valley.

Holds like a rock.

Free strings every two years, pretty good deal and they are good strings, not junk; and you can get them in any color you want, as long as you want black.

Exceptionally easy to tune; of all the Primes I've tuned all tuned with just using the Flexis AR except one and I had to swap limbs on that one.

They really are great bows and they fit me well, but there are many good bows out there, shoot them all, buy the one that you can't live without!
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