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Originally Posted by ElCid07 View Post
I have a question. When I flesh then board my raccoon skins I wipe off the skin daily to remove excess oil and grease that comes out. Even when I do this though the skins still come out pretty greasy relative to a fox or bobcat pelt. Is that normal or is there a technique Iím missing out on?

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Coons will always be greaser than fox, cats, or coyotes. That being said coons are way more work, they'll make you earn what little they bring. They have to be very well fleshed, then I wipe them with the paper towels for a couple of days, then on about day I give them a good rubdown with a handful or two of borax and usually leave a little excess around the ears and head. Then brush it all off before shipping. With all that seems like coons still feel greasy to me. It's one of the reasons the prices are low on coons is the extra steps needed in the tanning process.
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