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Originally Posted by 100%TtId View Post
Afghanistan has vast deposits of important rare earth minerals and other metals that can be easily mined if they weren't located in a war zone. If we can stabilize the region and get mining activities started, the payoff could be huge.
It would take one heck of an investment that's for sure. Maybe when it runs out in less remote areas. The infrastructure is just not there, even if you got it mined it would be cost prohibitive to get it out. We would have to build highways, rail, pump in water, electricity and god know what else. But like you said its a war zone so none of these things will happen.

They actually have the best soil for cotton growth I have read. But no way cotton is ever gonna take the place of opium and the US wont back anything that is in direct competition of our own farmers.

My plan to stabilize that country would have me at the Hauge War Crimes Tribunal Court, tried and executed.
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