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Came across an eastern nest last year with 6 eggs in it on the National forest. Actually almost walked right on top of her while she was on it and she exploded from the ferns at my feet and scared the heck out of

Originally Posted by FeetDown View Post
Burned some boot leather hunting our Texas public lands this morning and stumbled upon a Rio Grande hen on this nest. Snapped a quick photo and skedaddled in hopes she'll find her way back and raise us some more turkeys!

According to this TAMU article, this hen is only 5 days into laying her clutch, and may have another 5 or 6 days to go

"Females lay one egg per day, producing an average total of 10-11 eggs. The eggs are cream or tan in color and may have brown speckles. Incubation lasts around 28 days after the last egg is laid."
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