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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
I have absolutely no problem with anyone in public office being held accountable or ruined as long as it is is based on actual evidence and fact. That is highly unlikely to be the case unfortunately because all a dem has to do is create an accusation and the media will perpetuate it endlessly until the result they want is accomplished. i fully expect the swamp to be drained from both parties
And this would be a WIN for our nation..........that matters way more to me than continually pointing figures. I wont join the chorus of THEY DID, THEY DO, THEY SAID.........both sides have proven to suck consistently when it comes to doing what is RIGHT for the American citizen over the last 30 years.
As each of those $40,000 a year starving lawyers that win a goofball congressional seat from bum-foot (name a state of your choice) ends up being a millionaire after 4 or 5 terms in is time to understand and ACCEPT the fix is in on the American citizen.
I leave tomorrow for DC hill visits and once you spend 20 years walking those halls and making those congressional office visits it becomes VERY clear that WE have a "systemic issue" that can only be fixed by starting at the roots.......not trimming the tree.
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