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Brother from a self employed man who can only afford the insurance through the government I wish I had the health care that is available in UK. That said that's about the only thing I prefer in the Uk but I'm suprised to see this they do take pretty good care of their people. I was burn there and half my family is still there. This is the first year of my life to have health insurance and I only bought it because
I was fined 1400 last year for not having it. Trust me paying out of pocket for health insurance is not fun and could lead to a shorter life expectancy
Trust me, I feel your pain. A $1400 penalty for not purchasing an overpriced, mandated service. RIDICULOUS. People like you and I really take it in the teeth but the answer isn't forcing our neighbors at gunpoint to pay for our family's needs. If you need help, there is probably not a person on this site that would have a problem helping you and your family. I wouldn't hesitate but please understand, we already have that system and it is grossly mismanaged by a Government bureau. What the Government giveth, the Government can taketh away.
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