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Originally Posted by brushtrooper View Post
We use electrical tape and tape the ends from tip to top...maybe and 1.5" on rope like that. It helps when slicing through the strands. As you make a few splices, pull tight and tap it with a pipe/hammer. You can use a screw driver to help loosed the strands or i you have lathe, you can make what we use. Shop term is bats and I honestly have no clue the real name. Tapping the splices every so often will help make them lay flat and more uniform. Pull tight when doing that. If you have a wire rope and sling shop near by, very likely they can do what you want and look good. Good luck on it. Oh when done, some times we leave the E tape on it and sometimes we heat seal...depends on what customer wants. The heat seal is a good idea, cut to the length that looks good to you and go for it. Good luck

Added in edit, this is if splicing an eye on the end, There are other options, I just knoww hat you want. How are you attached to swing? Eye bolts?
Nice marlin spike!!! Splice is the only way to go.

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