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Default Traditional FSC Week 2

PineyWoodsBow was the Week 1 winner, but he has a project going on and asked for someone else to call this week's shot. I guess I will as runner-up last week -- Miss America rule .

This week will be a 3-arrow best group challenge from 14 yards (10 for kids).
Just need a standard 9-inch paper plate stuck onto a target butt with a small spot in the middle for initial aiming point. Shoot from any position. First arrow's aim point is the center spot; next two are aimed at the first arrow to make the tightest group. Take three measurements -- distance between 1st and 2nd arrow; then between 2nd and 3rd arrow; finally between 3rd arrow and 1st arrow. Measure shafts from nearest side to nearest side. Total the three measures; lowest total distance wins next week's call.

If you are shooting the challenge on Traditional Archery Friends, you can use those shots for this challenge, as well. (Anyone is welcome to join there.)
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