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Default Deep Six Question

Thinking of jumping into the deep six world but concerned about the durability with the deep six ferrules. Decided if I'm going smaller diameter shaft, may as well go all the way to 4mm. Shot the 5mm Easton Axis many years ago and had a few splinter on the tip when hitting something hard. Been shooting the GT Hunter XT for many years now and they are tough so I thought I would go with the GT Pierce Platinums. Not a big fan of their ballistic collar system so I want the install the Easton deep six insert. Curious how many have been shooting the deep six system with deep six broadheads and how the ferrules are holding up? Especially curious how they're performing with hogs as that's what I mostly hunt. Also, how durable have the smaller nocks been with this system? Any problems with spin tuning shafts with deep six insert? Any feedback is appreciated.
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