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Originally Posted by enewman View Post
With a good head either will work Now the best way to pick. Would be one is fletched and one bare shaft.

Set bow up with no tuning. Meanings cams in sync, rest at factory center shot 13/16 for most. Level nock.

Now shoot the fletched and the bare at 20 yards with the 125. Then again with the 150. The one that groups the best between the two heads is the one 6ou go with.

What this is doing is finding the arrow with the best reaction for that set up. I wrote a paper on tip replacement tuning. Iíll post it on here tonight
Well, I think it'll be 125s. I was in a hurry, but I shot 2 fletched and a bareshafts(with tape added for weight to equal vanes/wraps) at 20 yards with 100, 125, and 150gr heads. 125s grouped the best with 150 being really close. 100s we're the worst by a few inches. Shot a fletched and two bareshafts through paper at 7' too.

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