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Default Arrow setup comparison

So, I think I'm down to splitting hairs here, and I hope I didn't go too crazy on being heavy like this, but here is where I am.

60lb Obsession Turmoil RZ @ 28"

Arrow is a VAP 350 with 95gr SS insert/outserts. 7" wrap and 3 fletched AAE Max Stealths.

With 150gr heads(498gr total) I'm shooting 236 fps which = 61 ft lbs of KE and .521 slugs with 19.1% FOC

With 125gr heads(474gr total weight) I'm at 243fps which = 62ft lbs of KE and .511 slugs with 17.4% FOC

Any suggestions on which way to go? I'm thinking of sticking with the 150s for the increased momentum.

Just for a comparison for the light and fast crowd, a 340gr arrow was right around 280 with KE @ 59ft lbs and .42 slugs. So you don't lose much in the way of KE with a lighter, faster arrow, but that's a pretty big difference in momentum.

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