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I did similar in the last year and it was not what I planned.

A while back, and still occasionally, Palmetto State Armory runs a deal on their complete 6.5 CM uppers for about $400. I bought one thinking that it would pin up to my DPMS LAR-10 lower...WRONG. It was close but different. I talked to a local gunsmith and searched the web to find that large platform AR weapons are not built off the same military specs from one manufacturer to another like the AR-15 systems are. I wound up having to buy a complete lower from PSA (I did not want to build out one from stripped).

Fast forward to whenever I started breaking it in. I cleaned and lubricated the gun but had issues. The third round fired but would not eject from the chamber. HD to have a gunsmith remove the case and it was bent and scarred. He looked at the first two brass and could tell that the chamber needed a good bit of polishing but said I could continue breaking in the barrel if the cases would eject. Reluctantly I fired another round and it did not blow up in my face and the case ejected. The. It started to stove pipe rounds from the magazine. I think that the rough chamber was not releasing the spent case quickly enough so that when the bolt picked up the fresh round from the magazine they were both still inside the weapon.

I took it in to the gunsmith and he still has it. If he gets it cycling well then I guess I will put a drop in trigger in it since the stock one is quite stiff.

If I had to do it again I would either build an upper for my DPMS or grab one of the new Savage Hunter models that just came out. These are supposed to be about 8 pounds in the 6.5 CM AR.

Good luck,

Was hoping to be hunting with it this morning but used the trusty old Ruger 77 that's actually older than me. Got it done before 8 too.

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