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Default Protein Pellet Ingredients

Been feeding protein now a little over a year straight. Have one 1200 pound feeder that's time released and just added another same size but free choice.

I've been feeding AntlerMax mixed with roasted soybeans but recently picked up some MG 20% Deer Pellets that are made in Weimar.

My lease partner feeds L&E and I compared ingredient labels on all 3 and noticed that out of AntlerMax, L&E, and MG, that the MG is the only one who has "Plant Protein Products" as their first ingredient and "Processed Grain By-Products" as their second ingredient. AnlerMax and L&E are opposite with by-products being the first ingredient on their labels.
I went to MG's website and they make a handful of different deer pellets, but only a couple had actual plant proteins as the first ingredient.

Any protein PRO's out there who can tell me if this is a significant issue or are we talking a very small difference..... Any ideas?

I'm very happy with the AntlerMax, but like the fact that MG has more of a better ingredient in the mix....and the MG is around $3 cheaper per bag.
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