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Thumbs up Team Chicken Wing is on!

Team Chicken Wing is a go! We'll be operating on a limited crew, but will be keeping the tradition alive. As usual we'll be partnered up with Team Fajita, Dessert and Kid Food under pop-up city town. Whether you are a veteran or new and wanna join in....pull up a chair and let the wing grillin begin

Below are the essentials, some items will be shared with Team 'something' Let's make it happen!

Cash donations for chicken wingettes, drumettes (ordered; 40#s): Luis,

Fiesta Chris's Steak Seasoning -
Other dry seasoning - Luis
Ranch Dressing -
Blue Cheese Dressing -
Other Wing Sauces -
Vegetable oil for marinating chicken (1/2 gallon) -
Big wing sauce tossing bowls - Luis
Paper serving boats (200 count) -
1 roll - Aluminum foil heavy duty -
Aluminum pans (12) - Luis
2 gallon (actual 2gallon sized not one gallon size) Ziplocs - 1 box for marinating chicken -
Paper towels -
Latex gloves -
Chairs (Bring your own and bring an extra if you can) -
Foldout tables-
EZ Ups- (1) Luis
Tongs -
Propane bottles - (1) Luis
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