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my time with Sac has come to an end. I commented earlier on about getting her in "perfect timing" with it being the start of our 2 week Christmas break, but little did I know, the flu would visit me for a total of 5 days and then hit my wife for the same. 10 days of my 14 were gone just like that, so I didn't get to take her out too many times.

My trad journey began as a little boy. I can remember my uncle would buy bingham kits and make laminated bows for anyone who wanted one. He wouldn't ever charge for the actual work, just the materials. So a lot of my younger days were spent walking around the yard shooting arrows at anything that drew my attention. All of that stopped around the age of 10 when he moved and it left me bow-less. In August of 2012, i got married to my beautiful wife and for christmas, I wanted a bingham kit for myself. My uncle and I built the bow. It came out to a 67" 3 piece R/d longbow that went on to give me a few different traditional kills; a few squirrels and eventually a hog(August of 2014). In June of 2015, I purchased a black widow recurve that was 60" long. The longbow I built was nice but, at 67", I had quite a challenge maneuvering it around my climbing stand(I had never hunted a lock on before this time), which is what lead me to searching for a shorter bow. I managed to kill my first whitetail with this bow in November of 15'. I have sense killed 3 white tails and around 15 or so hogs. I will add the photos in when I figure out how to get it off of photobucket.
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