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The size of the card board only has to be 3' x 3' if you are shooting 3 under but needs to be taller if you shoot one over as your gaps would be more. When you try this, remember to keep your eye on the target. Don't let your eye wander to looking at the arrow point. You put the point where it needs to be using your secondary vision. This is the way Howard Hill shot and he called it some thing fancy like secondary line of sight or some thing like that. Bob Wesley shot this way as well and won the first world long bow tournament. Bob said he could actually put an orange dot on the back stop where he needed to put the arrow point, in his mind. I can't do that and actually don't think about a measurement from center to put my arrow point. I just draw and the point goes to where it needs to be for the correct distance, during the draw. The shot is away almost the instance I slide into my anchor.

TWP, closing the eye works just great with this method but when I try it I tend to hold at draw longer to line up the shot. I think I try to be more precise with one eye closed. I always do it one eye closed if I'm shooting some one elses bow that I've never shot before. My friend Gary Turner, has to shoot one eye closed as he is left dominant. He draws both eyes open. Just before he hits his anchor, the left eye closes, he hits anchor and the shot is away. This is some thing he had to work out to make this method work for him and believe me, you do not want him shooting at you, at any range.
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