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Now, for the deer. I'm rather astounded at how pics of that buck have circulated. The particular pic I see circulating was taken by my buddy hunting with me and I didn't know he even sent it to anyone.Now I've even seen it advertising ranches for folks I've never heard of. At least here is one with me smiling. It was a very exciting hunt.

Some details on the deer. He was a 7 yr old. I first noticed him at 4 when I 'accidentally ' videod him while trying to get on a bigger buck. He was an average 145-150" 10 pt. At 5 he blew up to a high 190's maybe 200" 10 pt. Very magnificent and obviously special. I had several buddies telling me I was nuts for not hunting him.I don't shoot 5 yr olds. At 6 he dropped back to an 8 pt scoring around 170. Beautiful frame with lots of mass.

I don't run cameras much on the ranch so I had no idea what he looked like this year. I showed up at the ranch looking for an 8 yr old [ which I still haven't found ] and actually bumped this a couple of times before I got a good look at him. Then one afternoon me and a couple of buddies were out and I caught him up close with some terrific video. Change of plans as I knew at 7 he was the one to chase.

He scored 199 5/8. His main 8 pt frame was 177". Cool buck. Here is a pic of him at 5.
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