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Default Police Officers, traffic stop question.

Got pulled over by DPS today for driving on the wrong side of the road. Basically, traffic pulls off to the side of the road ( though still in the road ) waiting to pick up their kids at school at a "T" intersection. They block the road in front of the stop sign, on both sides of the main road. As I pulled up I saw the trooper in line ( as usual when picking up my daughter at a nearby school ) and hesitated to make sure it was safe, then slowly went around, blinker on, pulled up to the stop sign ( cars all stopped on my right ), stopped then turned left. He pulls out and lights me up.

He is very cordial and pleasant. I told him I thought I was passing, he said no, you drove on wrong side of road. I told him my bad, I didnt realize it, and that I saw him there in line and didnt think anything about it. He let me lff with a warning.

Again, very pleasant. Not angry. Even if he gave me a ticket I wouldnt be mad.

But I do wonder about the difference between passing and driving on wrong side of road. And it seems like it should be illegal to block traffic like that. Seems l8ke that would be impeding traffic. I asked what I should have done, and he said "wait". People sit in that line for 15 plus minutes, easy.

Again, not angry. My solution is to go a different way. But isnt what they are doing impeding traffic? Was I not actually passing?
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