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Man these 4 weeks have flown by. Iíve been so busy with work that I wasnít able to take Sacajawea on a hunt like Iíd wanted to. But I did enjoy shooting it to unwind. The southpaw side of the arrow rest has a little more mojo in it now.

A little about me. My name is Morgan Johnson. Born in Port Arthur but have lived in Houston the past 20 years. Got three kids, two boys 11 and 10, and a daughter 8. Iím the environmental manager for a large marine transportation company. Even though my dad took me dove and rabbit hunting once or twice as a kid, I donít really think of myself as hunting until later on in life. I did a lot of trial and error and dumb luck for the first few years. I was only about 3-4 years into it when my fiancť gave me my first bow. I would have never even considered bow hunting before then, but practiced with my new bow, applied for a public drawing hunt, and got drawn. I shot a doe on that hunt, and the adrenaline rush had me hooked immediately. The problem was that I didnít have a place to hunt, and I was still figuring the whole hunting thing out as well. That made for some frustrating hunts the next few attempts, so most of my hunting was still with a rifle. The thing I did enjoy though was shooting my bow in the backyard. Canít do that with a rifle in a neighborhood.

After hunting for a few years with my compound bow, I picked up a Samick Sage to try traditional archery. That was way more difficult, and I just could never get in a groove with it. Which is really odd, because Sacajawea was much much easier to get comfortable with. Over the last four weeks I went from simply shooting for enjoyment and stress relief to being good enough to hunt at short range, 12-15yds. Really wish Iíd been able to put some blood on the lefty side, but itís all good. After shooting Sacajawea, I want to get a bow from Mr Sarrels.

These days I prefer to hunt with my bow over the better possibility of success with a rifle. I love the challenge and extra work required, and I get a lot more enjoyment from hunting when I hunt with a bow. Each of my kids has their own recurve, and my boys also have compound bows they hunt with. We still enjoy shooting guns, and they enjoy rifle hunting, but my oldest son and I know the thrill of taking an animal with an arrow.

I really appreciate Chunky for setting this up with Sacajawea and Bisch for managing it and keeping it going. Iíve contacted Graysonhogs and will pack Sacajawea up and get her on her way this week!
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