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Default She made it!

I picked her up at the post office at 8:30 Saturday morning and shot a TBOT shoot with her around 10:00 am. Yeah, she shoots that good. It didn't take long to find out she liked the woods that Jeffro made for my recurve. She is a beautiful bow and hopefully I can kill a pig or two before I have to send her on down the line.

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About me: Well, I've been a Probation Office since May 1991. I'm married to a lady who understands my hunting and fishing addiction and accepts it. My children grew up like I did, hunting and fishing at a very early age. My dad bought me my first bow when I was around 7 years old. It was a Bear recurve (right hand model). Yes, I shot a right handed bow left handed. I had a hand full of arrows and would walk around in the woods shooting at anything in front of me (lost a lot of arrows) I got lucky one day when one of my dad's employees found an entire box of cedar arrows on the side of the road. There must have been 100 cedar arrows in that big box. A lifetime supply!! Actually within two weeks I was back to NO arrows. I eventually lost interest in shooting the bow until 1989 when I bought my first compound bow. I fell in love with archery at that very moment. I couldn't even imagine shooting any other type of bow. Then, about six years ago a co-worker (TxMark) came to my shop to borrow my arrow saw to "tune some arrows". I watched him during this tuning process and thought "He's actually pretty good with that thing" I had become pretty bored with hunting with my compound and watching him got me to thinking. Man, it would be awesome to hunt with one of those trad bows. The next week I bought a LEFT HANDED Ben Pearson recurve and I shot that thing every evening. I was addicted to shooting this little bow. Prior to deer season that year I bought another recurve (Chekmate) and killed a doe with it. I've been hooked since that evening. I now own 6 bows and am always in the market for another. Hunting with traditional gear is so much more exciting to me. Its like being a kid again where EVERY animal is a hard earned trophy. Traditional archery has introduced me to some very good friends that I would have otherwise never met.
I'll be posting Hunting pics with Sacagawea in the coming weeks.
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