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I went back in 2011 as a bunch of friends had been before and invited me. I knew it was more of just a small " kill pen " type of hunt.

They load in big hogs,.. kinda pretend like your hunting over corn the first evening set,.. but then the guide goes to just pushing the hogs around and they run by you and you shoot them. After the first up to 150lbs I believe was included,.. after that it's $1 per lb !!!! And when I was there, nothing weighed any less than 150lb !!!! Talk about the $$$$ adding up fast for several hogs !

Not at all my kind of hunt, but my friends had invited me several places and I had always declined, so thought I'ld make at least one trip.

For GARANTEED harvest - you will get your hog or hogs.
Randy is a great guy - ( guide ) place is small but nice, and as mentioned - you will get your pig. Just not my cup of tea --- below is a link to a video of the place and our trip shooting hogs back in 2011

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