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I have a theory. Sorry I can't make it short

My theory has always been that folks who shoot "instinctive" are still "gap" shooters... they just don't realize it. You may not focus on the bow or arrow or string, and you may not calculate in your mind where your target should be relative to them... but your brain still does. At least that is my opinion.

When I tried a lot of folks bows a couple years back, and we were all pretty much close in draw length, I noticed some guy's arrows would fly way off the friggin left or right... I mean not slightly out of tune off, I mean way the hell out there. I surmised it was likely how the were bracing that bow and how they were looking. The ones that hit where I couldn't even see really boggled my mind.

Fast forward to getting my widow. My widow hit left a few inches compared to my sage on reasonably tuned arrows. Ben told me to just adjust my perspective. I refused and weakened them a bit to bring them back in to where I was looking. I could have just adjusted, but it was 1 week to opening weekend and I was gonna have none of that.

Leading up to the hog hunt, I was hitting pretty good... now 2 weeks afterwards, I have started hitting right. I normally "fall off" to the left... but I am hitting right??? I am a big confused by it, but I believe that I has something to do with tight muscles, not shooting as much the past 2 weeks, and not bracing quite the same. Towards the end of shooting, I am coming back into center more (thinking warm up, etc.)

So, to my point...

You have been shooting a different bow... a bow that looks a little different, and one that you have tune quite a bit differently than you did your longbow. The shape of the riser, cutout, limb width, etc probably played a role in adjusting to where you look. You likely tuned into a good spot and stayed there for a while and your brain, compensated for it. It was a different bow and so it was okay for it to look a little different in the site position over time. You didn't notice it because you weren't consciously focusing on that aspect... but your brain was. Now that you are back on your old bow, your brain wants to look where the arrows were flying relative to the new bow. Those arrows still sound really stiff (which makes sense for you hitting right since you are left handed.) and your brain hasn't made the switch to start looking over there... or more importantly... bracing so that over there is in front of you, where you are looking now.

That is my theory... you can do one of two things... let your mind make the switch for you and start bracing to where the arrow hits where you are looking.... or weaken them and try and get the arrows to hit where you are looking now.

And as for the flying like darts... when my arrows are too stiff, they still look like they fly like darts... it is not till I have contact or really weak that they wobble a lot. At least that is what I notice.

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