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Really shocked you had 340's flying like darts. Man that is stiff, but with 275 in the nose ??
Anyhow, if they were going where you wanted, and now they are not, like Jerp said. It's in the form. I switch back and forth between my recurve and longbow a lot. My longbow (in my avatar) is the smooth, string follow bow with straight grip. My recurve has a bit of a high wrist. I tend to hit my forearm a few times with the longbow, but the most important thing is how your form is before the release. I'll agree, you may not be canting like you were, or maybe more depending on how you shot the second bow.
Personally I have never been successful at shooting a gap style because I ALWAYS shoot a mile left. I would suggest shooting some blind bale and just drawing without shots. Make sure you hit your anchor, and are not torquing while you draw.
Slow down, relax, and come back to it. Repeat as necessary.
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