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Originally Posted by elgato View Post
Living the dream! Got my nose right in the middle of fresh horse manure mixed with wood chips and hay. Quite fragrant. I'm building some new garden beds based on what is colloquially know as a 'Back to Eden' garden concept. I'm using the horse manure to turn to compost then I will cover the concoction with 6-8" of wood chips. I have amended the horse manure with blood meal , organic fertilizer, biochar, azomite, oyster meal,and magnesium sulfate. Will let this all melt down then cover with the chips. Should be ready to go by this fall.

Making 2 beds. One is a new raised bed. The other I'm just covering an area of my yard about 50'x50'. With this system the soil gets better and better over time. Hardly any weeding required ever. Holds and manages water very well requiring almost no watering once plants established. Disperses weight so I can drive across it if I want without soil compression. Fun experiment.

Keep this stuff coming! On the first picture what is that by your foot? Just a pc of steel where the boards join together or something else?
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