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Originally Posted by bukkskin View Post
Lol, I feel the same, but gotta cut it for work.

I notice that you like to use alfalfa in your garden.
I feed a lot of alfalfa round bales. After the deer stomp it down and pick thru it and it gets rained on a couple times they won't eat it. I am tying to figure out the best use for it.
Spread it around my new trees, use it in some raised beds??
What would you do with it?

Btw, your place and garden are looking great

I've been using a heavy alfalfa mulch on the garden the last couple of years and love it. Essentially no weeding and does great things for the soil. The amount of worms looks like something out of 'Little House of Horrors'. As the alfalfa decomposes, I add a layer of compost then re mulch with about ~ 6" more alfalfa. I never till or work the garden at all. Just add a layer of compost, add mulch and plant . Easy and very productive .

I think I have found a source of wood chips and if I get enough I will convert from alfalfa to wood chips. They last longer and have all the soil benefits.
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