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Originally Posted by Radar View Post
They are totally nocturnal at my farm now, I have hunted them hard enough that they know daylight is danger. I just planted my winter plots and the hogs were already in them the same night. We caught 10 in a round trap, but after that the hogs would not go near it.
My problem is the Nutgrass and trying to control it, Gly slows it down but it comes back and so do the hogs. If I could string up electric fence about twelve inches high and run 480v thru it.....boy you can smell the pork chops cooking now.
Radar, you changed your avatar pic and your post slipped by me. I thought about e-fencing a few of my smaller plots just for hogs. One wire about hog high might keep them out and not cost too much. I think I'll try that next year.
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