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Best Redfish Candy Ever!!!!

2 - Redfish on the halfshell
1/2 c brown/turbinado sugar
1/4 c lemon pepper
2T Cajun Seasoning
1/2 stick cream cheese
1 stick butter

Take Red halfshells and place scale-down on foil and double wrap foil and create a small boat big enough to fit them in. Take brown sugar, lemon pepper and seasoning and spread across the meat side of the fish. Thinly slice cream cheese and evenly place across filets. Then slice butter and place evenly across filets. Grill 15 mins at 350-375 for 20-24" dish or 20 mins for larger fish. Fish is properly cooked when you place finger in middle of thickest filet and it flakes instead of sticking together.
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