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I've loaded the 178 in my 308 and while i can get them to shoot sub MOA i can do way better with regular 165gr Nosler BT's, SGK, and Accubonds. I'll admit I kinda got caught up in the "new" bullet when this came out. I shot a 160lb sow with one last month and it killed her DRT but it didn't do anything my 150gr Fusions don't do.

Don't get caught up in the marketing. Do actual research and find out what the actual benefits of different BC bullets are at the ranges you intend to hunt/shoot. I think you will find that at practical hunting ranges it doesn't make a hill of beans differnce what bullet you are shooting as long as it's designed for hunting. If I had a 6.5 I would see how a 140gr Partition shot. I KNOW it will kill the $h!t out of anything walking and all you have to do is hit them where it counts.

Remember, bullet drop is a known constant. If you are spending the money on a custom rifle you should have a rangefinder in your pocket. There is no excuse for not knowing the range therefore no excuse for missing your elevation. Better BC definitely helps with wind drift but at practical hunting ranges is the difference really appreciable?
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