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Originally Posted by bowpro12 View Post
I've whacked two hogs so far with the 143 ELDX in a 6.5 Creed. I purposely shot the first one through the shoulder and was pleased to see him take three steps and give it up. Bullet passed completely through the shoulders with a 1 1/2" exit. Granted, not a huge boar, but performance was what I expected out of this bullet. Second pig was hit back about 5 ribs and produced same 1 1/2" exit hole.

I just remembered, I whacked a close in coyote at about 75 yards. He dropped like a rock with 1/4 away shot. Bullet exited though off shoulder with a 1" exit.

Additionally, I've tested the .284 ELDX in my 28 Nosler and have not found the accuracy I was hoping far. I must note that minimal effort was made.
This sounds better....

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