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Originally Posted by gatorgrizz27 View Post
That's a bummer to hear about his experience with the elk. According to Hornady's site, around 2600 fps they are supposed to perform like a Partition. The front portion fragments and creates shrapnel, while the rear half stays together and penetrates deeply.

As they slow down to as low as 1800 fps, they are supposed to stay almost completely together and mushroom instead.

I could see the bullet "splashing" off a rib if it were driven to insane speeds like the 3,500 fps from a 6.5-300 WBY, but he should have been shooting within their designed specs.p

Perhaps I've underestimated the Bergers, but my impression was that they were primarily a target/competition company who developed a lot of the high BC bullets. As long range hunting became popular, people were using the match bullets on game, so they just added a hollow point to help them open/explode. Obviously if they work they work, they just didn't appear to me to be designed for the job like Hornady/Nosler/Barnes bullets.
You're right about Berger up to a point. They were making target bullets all along, and long range hunters started using the target bullets to hunt and it worked. Those bullets are still the original VLD bullets, and are now called "hunting VLD". The current "target VLD" is actually the modification of the original and has a thicker jacket to handle the riggers of high velocity, rapid fire strings like you find in a match. They didn't change anything from the original to make the hunting bullets.

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