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Originally Posted by gatorgrizz27 View Post
Not yet, but I plan to this season in my 6.5 Creedmoor. They are new enough that I don't think many have had the chance to use them on game, but the ballistic testing is impressive.

FWIW I know many have had success with the Bergers, but I would trust Hornady to make a hunting bullet that performs well over them, due to their background.
No arguments there. I've seen lots of advertising and product videos, like the one they did with the guys from Gunwerks/Best of the West. I'm just not sure about them, you know, since Hornady had the best marketing team in the industry. I like to hear real world amounts when available.

I also trust Hornady's bullet manufacturing a lot. I don't doubt Berger either, but they design bullets to break up and dump energy, which makes sense to me, but I also like blood trails when they don't fall on the spot. I prefer heart/lung shots over the shoulder shot due to meat damage, so occasionally they don't drop on the spot.

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