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Originally Posted by tex4k View Post
You'll probably get a lot of advice from these guys, but also get on the interweb, lots of info out there., wolfernation, and several others. Gray fox are pretty easy, cats aren't much harder you just need to be where they want to be. Learn to recognize "the edge", predators hunt and travel edges, that space between the road and brush, or the uphill side of the draw and heavy brush, etc.
The number one thing to do is to learn to bed a trap to be solid in its bed, no movement whatsoever.
I agree. The main thing I look for instead of just slinging traps out is find sign scat tracks whatever set on that. Alot of times I won't set a trap unless I find sign. Other times it's a gut feeling for me but the more you read sign an see what the animals tell you the better you will be

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