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Today was a cardio conditioning workout:

3 minute warm up.
Lateral run.
In in out out.
Icky shuffle.
Ali shuffle.
All on my invisible agility ladder 8 sets up and back down on each.
2 minute cool down. (Calf's were shot afterwards!)

Wanted to start yesterday off slow, but once you get started, it's hard not to see how far you can push yourself. Upper body is fairly sore today, I'm sure tomorrow will be worse. Gotta love that first two week back-to-it soreness! Athlean-X has more cardio workouts than I was expecting. Gonna go by the schedule this round, but I'll probably sub another weight lifting workout for most of the cardio, if I do a round 2.

Weighed in at 171# (calibrated scales) at work and 168# at home today.

Tomorrow is supposed to be legs! Yay!!

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