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Day #1 for the year. Upper body workout:

Warm up 3 minutes: Jog in place, jumping jacks, wide push-ups, high knees, simulated jump rope. (Make up your own warm ups in this program)

Spiderman crawl push-ups.
3 sets of 10 forward then 10 back.

Alternating neutral grip DB bench press.
3 sets of 10.

Alternating rotation DB shoulder press.
3 sets of 12.

DB shoulder L raises.
3 sets of 12.

Alternating wood chopper pushdowns with resistance bands.
3 sets of 12.

Tubing external rotation with resistance bands..
3 sets of 15.

60 second rest between sets.

Not familiar with the names/motions of some of these workouts, may be names/motions he's coined.

Cool down stretches 2 minutes.

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