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Originally Posted by TKK View Post
Comanche is a fairly good ranch to share a LF with - would you agree?

Probably one of (if not the best) ranch in Texas or the USA for that matter. A&M uses Comanche for many of their deer studies - unlimited funds and unlimited management. Their biologist is the best in the business and is full time.

In fact I would say it is the best managed ranch anywhere bar none. Go check the Boone and Crockett record book - full of deer off the Comanche.

So if you had your choice of a LF neighbor to enhance your own ranch it would be the Comanche.

Nothing wrong with that - but it sure does not hurt being their neighbor.[/Quoted

Definetly makes it a little easier to grow low fence deer...."It's my feed! " .... naw brah, it's your deer get to live long lives with little pressure...
Exactly, really helps when your low fence neighbor feeds cottonseed, protein year round, and then barely hunts it at all.
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