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[QUOTE=TKK;13350974]Comanche is a fairly good ranch to share a LF with - would you agree?

Probably one of (if not the best) ranch in Texas or the USA for that matter. A&M uses Comanche for many of their deer studies - unlimited funds and unlimited management. Their biologist is the best in the business and is full time.

In fact I would say it is the best managed ranch anywhere bar none. Go check the Boone and Crockett record book - full of deer off the Comanche.

So if you had your choice of a LF neighbor to enhance your own ranch it would be the Comanche.

Nothing wrong with that - but it sure does not hurt being their neighbor.[/Quoted

Definetly makes it a little easier to grow low fence deer...."It's my feed! " .... naw brah, it's your deer get to live long lives with little pressure...
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