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Default Traditional FSC Week 16

Rick had us practice turkey shot placement last week; so, let's work on hog shot placement this week.

Just need a pen, a hand and a piece of paper to make this target -- no pesky printers involved !!

Trace around your hand on a piece of paper as shown on sample pic below, putting a dot just beside the first knuckle of your index finger. The dot will be the aim point.

We're going to practice a quartering-away shot. Put the paper on the target butt so that the hand is oriented horizontal, with wrist toward the head. TURN the target butt or stand in such a way as to have a 30- to 45-degree angle.

Challenge is two shots on each of two days (4 shots total), with closest total distance to dot from 14 yards winning next week's call.

Why a hand? Because that is the size of the vitals on a hog, according to the Ranch Fairy. Also, dot is low due to vitals being low. Will post a link to a video he has about this.

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