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Originally Posted by txdukklr View Post
ok I'm confused by the back and forth but I think I'm following

I think what I'm suggesting is to add the loop (i have my guy make it as small as is reasonably possible) then shoot your bow.

for me and me only the 28" bow that i was shooting at that time forced me to go to 27.5" or change my then current anchor point. A few bows later I moved back to 28" for a handful of bows and my last two bows I moved back to 27.5.

I think bow makers DL aren't always spot on. I realize my dl is not changing but the same bow when i added the loop I had to go smaller.
I always measure the bow's actual DL when setting it up.
If everything is in spec, and it is long, (as certain brands almost always are), I can either "crunch" the bow to reduce the DL slightly, (usually can get 1/4"), but it usually increases poundage also, or simply go 1/2" shorter.
Rotating Modular systems are not without issues, but it sure makes DL changes easy.
Going shorter messes with shooter's ego, and is a common issue as to why a lot of them are shooting a too long DL.
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