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Originally Posted by txdukklr View Post
ok I'm confused by the back and forth but I think I'm following

I think what I'm suggesting is to add the loop (i have my guy make it as small as is reasonably possible) then shoot your bow.

for me and me only the 28" bow that i was shooting at that time forced me to go to 27.5" or change my then current anchor point. A few bows later I moved back to 28" for a handful of bows and my last two bows I moved back to 27.5.

I think bow makers DL aren't always spot on. I realize my dl is not changing but the same bow when i added the loop I had to go smaller.
You could just as easily have shortened your release to keep the same draw length and anchor.

The real question is: Was the draw length right to begin with? IOW, how the string made contact with your face? If this is right, it should never change; like you said though, bows will have different numbers, but the actual string contact (draw length) doesn't change.

Let's say that your form was perfect and the string was perfect on your face without a D-loop, then you add a D-loop; now your anchor is too far back. The correct thing to do (thinking from a form perspective) is to shorten the release and get the anchor back or just anchor farther back (if you can). You chose to shorten the draw length instead.

IF the draw length was perfect, now you are short drawn, which is better than long drawn, but still not perfect like it was before you made the draw length change.

IF you can still have good form with the shorter draw length (elbow slightly out but still a nice trapezoid) and do it every time, then there is no problem.

If you watch Reo Wilde shoot (No. 3 in the world) he has a weird form, he leans back at full draw; but he does it the same every time and he is a world class competitor.

IOW, the draw length shouldn't change (if it is already perfect), but if you choose to change it, make sure it isn't detrimental to your form and your shooting.
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