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Originally Posted by Shane View Post
So, if every bow has it's own ideal draw length, does that mean that we should all figure out what that is for our bow and then shoot it that way, whether it matches our body's draw length or not? What if a guy with a measured 28" draw length wants to shoot a bow that has an ideal draw length of 30"? Does he just learn to anchor behind his ear, or what?
The bow is a machine. Nothing more, nothing less. The individual is the one with the ideal draw length, and the machine should be modified to fit, not the other way around.

Somewhat like adjustable mirrors in a vehicle, they can be adapted to a range of users.

The shooters draw length is a number, and through several adjustments on cams, strings, releases and loops, the bow can be set up to match what the individual needs. Too many people don't take the time to find the best set up for themselves, and go with what they are told is best.
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