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Originally Posted by Texastaxi View Post
What a hunt ... just the way I like 'em ... short and sweet. No pun intended.

What exactly did you hit that made him drop like a bad habit? Spine?

Maybe you said it in the video; I don't have audio on this computer.
I hit him about halfway up the body, several inches below the spine. Of course, I was aiming for lower, but he dropped some at the sound of the shot. It's hard to tell from the video, but the angle was quartering away.

Mitch thought the arrow might have deflected off the ribs in an upward angle and gotten into the underside of the spine. At first, I didn't think so. But the more I look at the video, the more I think his theory might be correct.

I edited out a lot of the aftermath in the interest of good taste. He did act like his spine was somehow damaged, but the shot took out his lungs, which is what did him in. Usually when you hit lungs, they run off and thrash about somewhere else until they die. This was really no different except that I had a front row seat to it. One of those things that you know happens just about every time but you'd still rather not witness it up close.

So while all this was happening, I was trying to get a second arrow in him, but he wasn't giving me a good angle to the vitals and I didn't really want to stress him further by getting out of the blind since I knew the shot I had already made was lethal. Eventually, I did get a second arrow in him from the blind. But by that time he was just about gone anyway.

I try to edit my videos to leave out any unnecessary gory details. Especially since the video may be seen by non-hunters who don't really understand these things.
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