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Just put Sacajawea in the mail to DCT. Had a good time shooting her. Didn't kill anything but some foam. Went to a club shoot and took a respectable 3rd place with her. When I was out shooting in the evenings, one of the main things that kept coming to mind was the many different people that have shot this bow. I know some of them personally and consider it an honor to share the bow with them. This also made me think about all the people I have met because I shoot a Trad bow. I have hunted with bow and gun for all my life but never met so many interesting people as I have since I started going to Trad events and Hunts. I have met some of the best and worst shooters in the country at 3D shoots. I have shared a campfire with people from all over the country who I now consider my friends. I think that making new friends and being around old friends is one of the greatest things I get from shooting my bow nowadays. I still enjoy whacking a pig or deer as much as anyone else but I am usually alone when that happens. Thanks to all the people who have crossed my path because of a stick and a string.
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