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Depends on what you are doing. We did sheetrock 90 percent of the time. I do not know all the exact terminology of all the tools, but here it goes:

Blade, with many refills
Tsquare, must have
We used a tool to place at bottom of sheetrock and you put your foot on it to lift the sheetock of the bottom of floor. One would work, but two would be nice for an entire sheet.
Hats, plan to sweat thru several a day
Battery power tools
We used some special bit on the power drills that sort of cupped the screws, worked real well.
Couple of measuring tapes. One to leave in the house, the other out where you are cutting the sheetrock.
Good shoes or boots.
Great attitude.

We also took our own food for lunch, so as not to be a burden. We did not want to feel that anyone had to feed us or pay us back in any way. If you have it, bring some cash, because a lot of people do not have flood insurance, so maybe you might have to or want to buy some insulation, etc.

If you need a place to stay, contact my brother Joe Worley at First Baptist Church in Groves Texas 409-962-4461 and they will let you stay in the church. So you can sleep good and take showers.
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