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Check out the link below:

This was a report from the Us Department of Commerce as a Service Assessment to the impacts of Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

On page 17 there is a recap in regards to the actions taken as titled "Tropical Prediction Center". In the 4th paragraph it reveals that the initial Tropical Storm Warning for Allison predicted for 5 inches of heavy rainfall. (That was predicted at 2pm the afternoon of June 5th - the day of landfall) 2 hours later they predicted a forecast rainfall of 8 inches in isolated areas.

The report continues to read on and explain that the forecasts were updated through the storm, but no where does it mention a 3-4 day future forecast that called for the amount of rain projected for us with Harvey.

My point is this: When Allison was coming they did not expect near the rainfall that they actually received. Now granted this was technology that is now 17 years old, but if the models for Harvey continue to spit out the data they show today we could have our hands full.

Either way, be safe and plan for the worst. You can never be over prepared.
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